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[MAGIC ITEMS] The Clay Sickle

August 25, 2010

Inanna's Crescent

A crude, fired clay sickle, about two hands-span long, weathered but with a sharp edge and faintly incised all about with ancient, wedge-shaped sigils. Unutterably old, the Sickle, sages say, was in the beginning borne by gods in the reaping of the first harvest before Men. Father Enki, maybe, caused it to fall into the hands of the hero-king Utu-hegal who used it in driving the bestial Gutti from the Cities of the Plain. Thereafter, it enters many tales called by many names (Inanna’s Crescent, or Utu’s Axe, or Tiamat’s Tooth, or the Fang of Burnt Earth), always in times of war and when it seemed as if the civilisation of Man verged again on the brink of annihilation, wielded by those who defended City against the horde, or the Sown against the Desert. Though appearing delicate, in battle it apparently acts a +2 Scimitar of Speed; its further powers are rumoured to further the governance of kings and the arts of civilisation:

2 x I:   ______, ______

1 x II:  _____

1 x IV: _____

For Jeff Rients’ Open Call for Minor Artifacts & Relics…

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