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August 16, 2010

Inscribed with pure signs; cunningly inscribed with the pure signs of Nisaba!

Godeyes, or eyestones, once formed the eyes of the cult image of a god, now taken and incised with arcane signs of great potency, and perforated to form a bead or amulet.  Few are larger than 1” in diameter, and are composed of precious and semi-precious stones, often with an obsidian pupil. All Eyes grant their bearer infravision and the ability to detect invisible 3 times/day for 3 turns. Hallucinations are common among those who bear the Eyes for a lengthy period, as is temporal confusion: seeing things, people and places as they were, might have been, or are to come. Owners will however refuse to give up the Eyes unless subjected to an exorcism.

The Eye of the Storm, Adad’s Eye: An orb of mottled agate with a lapis lazuli iris and a deep green serpentine pupil.  Adad’s Eye allows the bearer to transform into a whirlwind as does a djinn; fly once a day for 10 turns; and to control weather once a week. Each activation has a 1% cumulative chance of forcing an involuntary gaseous form (equipment and clothing not affected) which is permanent unless countered with dispels or remove curse.

Inanna’s Eye: An orb of purest azure lapis lazuli flecked with iridescent gold, a gold sign-inscribed band for the iris, and a depthless pupil of polished obsidian blackly radiant. Her Eye grants the bearer +2 to Charisma but –1 to Wisdom; +2 to hit and damage; haste in melee (only and automatically; no ageing or SS rolls apply or required); and allows the bearer to cast charm person once a day, with, however, a 5% chance on each activation that the effect is reflected, charming the bearer to become enamoured of the intended victim. Those wearing Inanna’s Eye tend to become petulant and impulsive, quick to fall prone to ecstasies of both love and war.

Eye  of Nergal: a sphere of polished grey haematite, red coral iris-inlay, and obsidian pupil. Its bearer may cast cause fear once a day, a finger of death once a week, and attempt to control undead as a 12th level cleric once a day. It grants 18(00) strength to fighters only. Nergal’s Eye forces upon its bearer ever more frequent visions of the Great City, the Underworld of the Dead, where Ereshkigal lies prone and wails, until even the world around seems little more than the endless grey plains of the dead.

Utu’s Eye: Any Eye of Shamash (as Utu is known among speakers of Akkadian) is a boon to travellers: upon request, the Eye will unerringly face towards a desired destination or object. While borne, it reduces chances of surprise to 1 in 6; both a light and detect lie spell may be cast once a day. Holders of such an Eye tend to begin to perceive the injustices around them and are moved to rectify apparent outrages.

Enki’s Eye: purest white gypsum orb, an iris of green serpentine and a pupil of black pearl. This Eye grants trueseeing once a day; wizards bearing the eye gain a bonus of 1 hp per die of damage to their spells, and opponents save at –2. Intelligence and wisdom are both raised by 1 and strength and dexterity lowered by 1. Once a day the bearer may polymorph into a carp or a coherent stream of water for up to 10 turns. The bearer will become increasingly interested in obscure lore and hidden mysteries.

Eyes of Shulgi: When a provincial priest sent tablets to Ur begging the undying ensi of that city leave to construct a temple to his divinity, Shulgi acquiesced and caused his own palace craftsmen to create the cult statues for the holy of holies. Shulgi paid especial attention to the creation of the images’ eyes, imbuing them with virtues and abilities related to his own obsessions of gathering and cataloguing information. Succeeding tumults have overthrown and scattered these cult images, but the eyes remain abroad in the world, delivering to their bearers strange benefits – and still, perhaps, somehow connected to undying Shulgi himself. The Eyes of Shulgi arrest ageing so that 5 years are as 1 and magical ageing effects are 50% likely to be completely ineffective. The bearer may cast detect magic, ESP, read languages and identify each once a day. A bearer of an Eye of Shulgi if slain will rise immediately as a zombie and shuffle remorselessly to the courts of Ur, there to mumble endlessly to Shulgi of all that it has so far seen.

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